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Total Yodel Recall


NBC has been advertising its new summer show, The Winner Is, all week, and as much as I enjoy Nick Lachey (and am glad for him that he finally became a daddy after a decade of waiting), I cannot take time out of the second half of my life to watch this.  I spent last season cheering for Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice, and frankly, I’m exhausted.  I had bristled at the thought of both Usher and Shakira as judges, but they won me over, and now I’d prefer to never see li’l Cee Lo or Diva Aguilera set foot on stage again.  But I digress.

One of the clips NBC continues to pimp (while I’m TRYING to get my Hoda and Kathy Lee fix–all Kristen Wiig’s fault) of the new singing competition shows yodelers.  Is this a new trend?  Really?  I was forced to watch Heidi Klum teach Bradley Cooper to yodel on The Tonight Show a couple months ago, and I’m pretty sure she did it again on America’s Got Talent last month.  And is it NEWS that Jewel can yodel?  Is it news she used to sleep in her car?  I thought we all got the memo on that in 1995.  I don’t need to hear her yodel again, with or without snaggletooth.  I admit it’s preferable to hearing  any of her hits, vacillating between her awkward lower register and what I like to refer to as her higher “toddler voice.”  Her goo-goo ga-ga voice.  Honestly, I’m yodeled out.


I do admit I was mildly amused by Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt’s yodeling skit last month, but mainly because they weren’t taking themselves too seriously.  For my money, that’s his best acting job since Benjamin Button.

Look, unless you’re a singing cowboy (Roy Rogers or Gene Autry R.I.P.), leave yodeling alone.  It’s not like it has lyrics the rest of us can sing along with.  It’s not soothing, good to dance to, or helpful during a break-up.  It’s like a gussied-up hog call.  Don’t do it.

Let it go the way of country singer Slim Whitman, who passed away last month at the age of 90.  Never heard of him?  He was quite the yodeler.  Per the New York Times article, “Michael Jackson named Mr. Whitman one of his 10 favorite vocalists. George Harrison credited him as an early influence. Paul McCartney said Mr. Whitman gave him the idea of playing the guitar left-handed.”  And don’t even get me started on his impressive ‘stache.


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