To Everything (Turniture! Turniture! Turniture!)

You know you want this.  Toss this into your hatchback, head to the park, and bam–a picnic.  Flip it over and bam–a playpen.  Go back home, lob it on its side, and serve your friends up some Amaretto Sours in style.  Later, after the guests leave, strap your mod boots on and rock and rock and rock.  Now that’s what I call a Good Friday.

9 thoughts on “To Everything (Turniture! Turniture! Turniture!)

      1. Absolutely. I will quickly flip it over to table style and start playing cards. Take that higher authorities!


  1. More like a Great Friday! But yes, I do think this one falls in the “Things that don’t make sense” category 🙂


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