Ale In The Springtime

painting by Edward Augustiny
painting by Edward Augustiny

Is Gramps exhausted from potting plants, feebleminded, or just overjoyed that the woman behind him poured just the right amount of head into his glass?  To me, it appears as thought the pretty colors and bubbles have him entranced.  Limit yourself to one glass, okay?  Remember what the doctor said about mixing Coumadin and alcohol?


Look how Rick holds that glass of Schlitz up, just of out reach for poor Joanne Woodward’s body double.  Is he wearing pajamas?  Why don’t her gloves match?  I don’t get it.  This is all very donkey and carrot to me.

painting by John Gannam
painting by John Gannam

I believe this depiction represents the best of both worlds, Hannah Montana.  Gardening is getting done AND beer is being enjoyed.  He has his own glass; she has hers.  The weather is lovely.  He’s pensive; is that a mortgage bill in his hand?  Who cares?  With argyle socks and a butterfly apron, you can never go wrong.

9 thoughts on “Ale In The Springtime

  1. Beer beautiful beer. I can guess that the carrot is the beer and the donkey is the man. We men are used to being compared to farm animals. The last picture is by far my favorite. A lovely young couple enjoying spring and each other’s company;while drinking a few brews. Now you just have to love the dude’s socks and shoes. Great post. Even though it’s 34 degrees here.


  2. Please, please find some pictures of beer with pick up trucks or beer with fishing boats. Some of the absolute best stories ever told normally start with *with a southern accent* “Well.. one time my buddies and I were drinkin..”


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