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Senior Class Favorites

G072And that, my friends, is the difference between men and women.  Adrenaline delights one and strikes fear in the other.  Today’s post documents the Senior Class Favorites of the 1955 Pine Burr, selected “as tops in fun, sparkle, and friendship.”  Most yearbook pictures are taken on location at the high school, but evidently these favorites traveled off site.  Why, Jo Ann and Edward got suited up for a poolside session.  G074Perry and Pat went horse riding through what appears to be a swamp.


Earl and Shirley were stuck riding pretend horses on a carousel, as though they were still young children.


Thurston and Lovey Howell enjoyed an afternoon of boating.  Are these people really teenagers?


Susie and Morris enjoyed a bicycle built for two.


Barbara and Donald braved gusty winds to sit on the dock of the bay.  Or is that a bridge?  Look, Barbara, I’ll catch that catfish for you and fry it up for dinner with some hush puppies.  Won’t that be swell?  


Miss Wheat is delighted that Mr. Turner parked next to her namesake.  Or are those plumes of feathered reed grass?  It may be Daddy’s car, but he’s got quite a grip at 10 and 2.

G080Our last picture is the Football Sweetheart.  Wait–isn’t that the same girl (with her name misspelled) wearing a polka dotted cape and sitting on a diving board earlier?  She gets around.  She’s a double favorite!


My advice to you, Miss Yianitsas–marry one of those football players asap and shed that tragic maiden name.  Preferably Earl Wright.  It’s just one syllable!

5 thoughts on “Senior Class Favorites”

  1. Thanks for pictures that are actually BEFORE MY TIME! Oh, wait a minute..1955? Well, I was just a tadpole. It always make me feels younger when I browse through our old family photos…I’m always glad I didn’t have to wear those clothes.


  2. Although this was one which I could have just snickered through your clever comments, I could not resist saying you could do a whole book of this and sell them at country restaurants. Even cards for all sorts of occasions, Kerbey. If you need an occasional business partner, let me know!

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