9 thoughts on “Bugs And Stuff”

  1. No idea about the bug, but the plant, lantana, is considered a raging pest in Queensland. In fact, it is one of the weeds on our Weed of National Significance list and covers around four million hectares. It was introduced to Australia from the USA in the 1840s to make gardens pretty but has run amok. It’s a disaster for Australia! I coudln’t believe my eyes when I saw lantana seedlings for sale when I was in Utah!!!!! 🙂


    1. OMG, I had never heard that before. It pretty much stays contained in our little flowerbeds in the front yard. Weren’t rabbits introduced into Australia and then run amok as well? There’s something in the air there that makes things stronger…


      1. Oh god, rabbits, cane toads, brambles, foxes, all sorts of things. I read a very dry book called Feral Future by a guy called Tim Lowe that outlines a lot of the introduced species and how they are detrimental to the Aussie environment.


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