When You Care Enough To Send The Very Kitschiest

What’s snazzier than this red retro television set?


Perhaps this dapper turtle riding down a slide in his OWN shell?  

If you pull the lever at the bottom right, he really does slide.  See?


G034And in keeping with the red theme, here’s a keen card for a grandson.


I don’t know Gramp and Gram from Adam, but I bet they were fine grandparents.  Who wouldn’t feel loved, receiving one of these, assuming kids actually READ them?

5 thoughts on “When You Care Enough To Send The Very Kitschiest

    1. I read mine. You just reminded me that EVERY card I get lately is covered with glitter! When did that fad start? I don’t need to look like I just stepped off the pole.


    1. I started going to estate sales when I was in high school and just always liked to collect little pieces of history before they got tossed out, so I bought these cards. You know, I thought of your blog earlier today bc my 92 yr old grandpa was sent to the hospital at 6am w/ pneumnonia, and I really really want him to heal up & be strong & I hate that these Greatest Generation guys are leaving. I’ll just keep praying all day…


      1. It is really sad. I could kick myself for not collecting more stories years ago. The obits are full of them everyday. God bless them, they were the best.


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