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Party Like It’s 1985

Louisiana State University 1985
Louisiana State University 1985

As you prepare for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebration, take cues from the simpler, less rambunctious era of the 1980s. Slow down and appreciate the moment.

Back then, people were working for the weekend. After double shifts at Orange Julius, it was time for hardcore karaoke. Don’t be afraid to shine on New Year’s Eve.

You've got the eye of the tiger.
You’ve got the eye of the tiger.

Also, don’t drink if you’re underage. You know who you are. Surely her jacket doesn’t say what I think it says.


Know when to say when. These guys stopped just shy of tipsy.


Remember: friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Especially in tight Girbaud (wait–they weren’t popular yet) jeans. Mercy, I can smell the Drakkar Noir from here…

Pardon me, but are those Girbaud jeans?

Behold! Proof that Madonna used to be relevant!


Just don’t let things get out of hand.

Tips On How Not To Be A Proud Southern Woman
Tips On How Not To Be A Proud Southern Woman

And lastly: come to terms with reality. You have your owns set of gifts and strengths, your own contribution you can make to this world. But face it: you will never, ever look as cool as this guy.

Me llamo Unibrow Pseudo-Fu Manchu.
Me llamo Unibrow Pseudo-Fu Manchu.