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Scenes From The Appalachian Trail

Natl Geo Aug 1949
Natl Geo Aug 1949

Adams, Massachusetts (named after Sam Adams) lies at the bottom of Mount Greylock. Thunderbolt Ski Run drops 2,060 ft down Greylock. Five states are visible from the summit. Incontheivable!

Bue RidgeNG49003

I’ve never been anywhere near the A.P., but I did gain respect for it, while reading Bill Bryson’s A Walk In The Woods. And yes, I do want to see the new movie with Redford and Nolte, but I bet Mark will beat me to it!

Now dig his socks.

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The violent rains/overhanging rock part, I can do without. The steak part, I understand. Beef really puts a smile on their faces!

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