Now I’ve Had The Prime Of My Life (No, I Never Felt Like This Before)

I remember reading an article when Ronald Reagan passed, stating that, at his year of birth in 1911, life expectancy was 49 years old. Reagan died at 93. Clearly, medical care had improved during those 93 years. But it’s still hard to believe the age was 49, due much in part to children dying. This ad from 1937 claims that many folks could actually expect to live past 60 at that point. Some of you have already hit that milestone, with decades yet to come.

It’s Christmas, and no one has time to read a 5,000 word count life insurance ad, so here’s the gist: 40-60 is the prime of life. Anything past 60 is a bonus. Don’t get Bright’s disease (kidney issues). Let your doctor use fluoroscope and X-rays and sorcery to see inside your body. And most of all, DO NOT SCOFF AT BEING CODDLED. Remember, you’re in the prime of your life!

14 thoughts on “Now I’ve Had The Prime Of My Life (No, I Never Felt Like This Before)”

      1. Some days I feel like I am so exhausted I absolutely must have lived a full and complete life span already and other days I feel like I need way more decades than I have left in order to sort myself out. It’s that old
        theory of relativity chestnut at play again.

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  1. Heh. I got underwear that’s older than 49. Well, not really but close. I guess 40-60 is prime time in many ways. Too bad I’ll have to settle for Choice or Select because Prime, except for Amazon, has left me behind.

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    1. I’m sure the updated insurance ad would target 60-80. Every day, I see ads with Jimmie JJ Walker, Joe Montana, and William Shatner, who actually get to receive Medicare benefits. At least you get that, no?

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      1. I do get that and I noticed the Colonial Penn life insurance ads now say that everyone up to 85 can join their usurious programs. Makes me suspect that there are folks who wait until they are 84 and 11 months and then jump on the program figuring they will beat the odds.

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      2. Bravo for usurious! I love it when you talk big words. It reminds me of my Tom and his reverse mortgage. In any event, you have a long way till 84 and won’t even remember we had this conversation. Plus, by then they will have outlawed terms like colonial or anything related to colonists like Penn. BTW, did you know Sylvania is Latin for woods?


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