Call Grandma Before She Dies

Sure, now we can Zoom or FaceTime or simply just text our elders. But there’s a whole generation of folks who’ve never even heard of long distance. What’s long distance? Who cares how far Grandma lives or what time we call her? I’ll just hit up her DM. But y’all remember. Y’all had folks you only called at certain times of the day. Y’all had folks you weren’t going to waste a long distance call on at all. Those were the ones you called collect. But that’s a subject for a different post.


10 thoughts on “Call Grandma Before She Dies”

  1. It was a tradition in my family that, when we arrived home after a visit to Nana, we had to call her and let the phone ring twice and then hang up. That way she knew we got home safely but no actual phone charges were incurred. Can you imagine and that was in the 60s.

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    1. My mom would have visitors make a “person to person” call when operator if the person was there to take the call? She would say “no they are not here”. That way she knew visitor arrived charges incurred. Lol

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