1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 Ladybugs At The Ladybug Picnic

That’s a song I learned in the 70s as a child, watching Sesame Street. All the counting songs are forever imbedded in my brain, often hitting the needle at 3am as I awaken, and playing in my head as I do what middle-aged folks do at least twice each early morning.

Everybody likes ladybugs, no? They don’t sting. Their shape and color are pleasing, and they can eat thousands of insects in their lifetimes, so more power to them. Plus, they are polka dotted like a jaunty spring umbrella! This one seemed to enjoy our oak tree just fine. Sadly, the ice storm in February killed many of our trees, and this one was felled by a chainsaw last week, ne’er more to be walked upon by ladybug legs.


9 thoughts on “1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 Ladybugs At The Ladybug Picnic”

  1. I don’t think that I had any counting songs as a kid. If I did they didn’t stick. Are those your puppies in the header pic? Too cute. I guess after the tree was cut down the little lady bug had to fly away; fly away home.

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    1. The ladybug picture was from a little while ago, before the tree died. Yes, those are my dogs, before the older one had his eyes removed. He doesn’t get to jump off the deck like that anymore.

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  2. I had hoped that you were finally going to answer the burning question of “what do you call a male ladybug?” But noooooo. Hey – why don’t ladybugs play hide and seek? Because they are always spotted! OK, Dad joketime over. Great close up shot of the bug. We welcome them here to gobble up all the aphids. They area big seller at Lowes, Home Despot or Amazon- 1500 for $38.

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      1. Not here! My husband even worked at Lowe’s and he doesn’t remember anything like that. Maybe it’s because they would all die in the 110 degrees and no rain.


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