When Cramming Was Cool

Time Life “The Good Old Days”

Mid-century festivities seemed to involve the tight mass gathering of young people.

This Renault is overflowing with ladies.


But more popular than cramming cars was cramming booths. This telephone booth is purportedly crammed with 22 California college boys. The only cramming I did in college was for exams.

Joseph Munroe

Another tactic was to go in sideways. Good thing most folks weighed under 200 lbs then. I’d hate to be the fellow at the bottom or the one with a receiver stuck in my side.


Today’s cramming is mostly limited to food. And boy, do we ace that!


3 thoughts on “When Cramming Was Cool”

  1. I love this, it brings back a fond memory when my dad was still alive. In 2011 we found one of the last remaining phone booths while on a trip with some friends from out of state. I convinced the entire group to cram into the phone booth (only 1 person was under 6 feet tall in the booth), then took the picture. To this day it remains one of my favorite photos.

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