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Donating Back All The Books I Read In Quarantine

’43 Cactus

I read a lot of books in the tub. Since I only buy clearance books from the used book store, my budget is small. When I’m done, I simply donate them back. I could stand around for an hour and wait for them to ultimately offer me $1.78 for 45 books, but I prefer to just drop the boxes off and leave. The one I finished today was “In Such Good Company” by Carol Burnett. Only $3 and I read it while my husband was at his cardiac therapy. Next up: The Art of Racing in the Rain.

13 thoughts on “Donating Back All The Books I Read In Quarantine”

      1. I literally just now got a Facebook notice that my city is having a puzzle swap out of the back of people’s cars tomorrow at the local park. You are a prophet.

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  1. Places that receive donated books may be having a bit more of an issue with quarantine as well during these time, Kerbey. We’ve halted taking book donations at our library with enough on our hands with the proper handling of returned borrowed items.

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    1. That makes sense. Last weekend was the first time I went inside one of the Half Price Books, and they had almost nothing to choose from at all. I guess they haven’t been receiving any donations during this time. It would be a lot to clean, if they are doing that.


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