Donating Back All The Books I Read In Quarantine

’43 Cactus

I read a lot of books in the tub. Since I only buy clearance books from the used book store, my budget is small. When I’m done, I simply donate them back. I could stand around for an hour and wait for them to ultimately offer me $1.78 for 45 books, but I prefer to just drop the boxes off and leave. The one I finished today was “In Such Good Company” by Carol Burnett. Only $3 and I read it while my husband was at his cardiac therapy. Next up: The Art of Racing in the Rain.

13 thoughts on “Donating Back All The Books I Read In Quarantine”

      1. I literally just now got a Facebook notice that my city is having a puzzle swap out of the back of people’s cars tomorrow at the local park. You are a prophet.

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  1. Places that receive donated books may be having a bit more of an issue with quarantine as well during these time, Kerbey. Weโ€™ve halted taking book donations at our library with enough on our hands with the proper handling of returned borrowed items.

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    1. That makes sense. Last weekend was the first time I went inside one of the Half Price Books, and they had almost nothing to choose from at all. I guess they haven’t been receiving any donations during this time. It would be a lot to clean, if they are doing that.


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