Let’s Get This Fresh Hell Over With

Southerners by Kuralt

This image of a Kentucky Red Cross dental clinic in 1932 is particularly loathsome to me lately, as I had a crown put in nearly two weeks ago, and the pain remains excruciating. Who knew that even after decades of wearing a nightguard, the pressure of clenching could still fracture your teeth, and they would need crowns whose out of pocket cost was exactly the cost of your first TWO automobiles?

10 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Fresh Hell Over With”

    1. I remember hearing that his teeth were made of wood. But Google has just told me that they were made of possibly hippopotamus Ivory, which is news to me. Hippopotami have Ivory?


  1. No wonder the old kids-hate-dentists thing started, Kerbey. Yikes. And sorry to hear about your need of a crown. I’ve had two root canal-crown package deals. (Knock on wood to keep it at that number.) Not fun at all! And yes expensive past the insurance coverage, too.

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    1. I hear you, Mark. I had a root canal that did not take care of the problem and had to get another root canal 2 months later and pay all over again for the new doctor. Teeth are the bane…


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