Watch Your Back, Subversives

I’m glad I wasn’t a student at Berkeley in the 1960’s. Being chased by cops during student protests looks fairly terrifying.

Berkeley pioneered the Free Speech Movement (FSM), a long-lasting student protest which took place during the 1964ā€“65 academic year.

These days when we see students running for their lives, it’s for a different reason. But either way, it’s still frightening.

8 thoughts on “Watch Your Back, Subversives”

  1. Free speech in Berkeley. How ironic. From what I read it is one of the most speech restricted areas in the country. Anything that disagrees with the powers that be is not allowed.

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  2. The free speech movement grew out of the civil rights and anti-war movements. You’re right, some people found those causes to be too liberal.

    The problems at Berkley now are an example of the intolerance on both sides of the political spectrum that we see all around us.

    And with that diatribe I’ll shut up.

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