The Look Of Education 1964

All of these images come from the 1964 Western New Mexico University yearbook, but I bet if you’re a Boomer from Anywhere, USA, you can relate.

This is what technology was.

And Physical Science was boring as ever.

Not only were there cigarettes, but cigarette girls who pimped them.

People typed on typewriters, and the carriage return made a sound.

They played pinball.

They helped each other balance their checkbooks over coffee.

Not really.

They resorted to violence to resolve domestic issues.

And they relaxed, listening to The Animals sing “House of the Rising Sun.”


7 thoughts on “The Look Of Education 1964”

  1. I was entering high school in 64 so my only memory of tech was a reading lab that aided in increasing your reading speed. I love your header picture. Those hats are priceless; especially the 2 on the right side. Doesn’t that pith helmet looking one look like a prop from “Space Balls”?

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    1. Well, these are college kids, so they’re already old. Make you feel better? I mean statistically, yes, a quarter of them are be dead now, but still…


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