9 thoughts on “Yellow Pages”

  1. Ah yes, a rotary phone! I’m old enough to recall when one’s phone number was made up of a word plus digits. Funny enough I can remember that when I was a kid – single digit age – mine was Export 9-1440. Can’t remember what I had for lunch but I can recall a phone number from the Jurassic Age.

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    1. I like that. Export 9 -1440. It sounds like a spy name. Or an immigrant who’s being sent back. I recall many of my school friend’s numbers, but the age of words preceded me.


  2. I miss the Yellow Pages. You go just look under restaurants and get a list of all the joints in your area. Las Vegas used to have small phone books, about paperback book size with a small plastic magnifier included. I usually get your posts in my Email but this one and one about Buster didn’t show up for some reason.

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    1. No problemo. I think we still got the Yellow Pages a couple years ago, but I haven’t seen anything lately. Surely people who use Country Crock containers as tupperware still use Yellow Pages?

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