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Mansplaining Whilst Manspreading

The Recall 1942

At least he looks comfortable, no? The other fella seems pure-D zoned out.

Here’s another pic of students sitting near the steps. They have all chosen to keep their knees together, like ladies do.

We jump from 1942 to 1956 to another group of seated students. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Who is to blame?

This last seated guy–tapping away on his typewriter–appears to be getting all the propers, while Sally (far right) looks on. What a headline, Georgie Boy! Fan-tastic!

Yucca 1946

3 thoughts on “Mansplaining Whilst Manspreading”

  1. Why did wearing your sweater wrapped around your neck ever become a “thing”? I think it is charming that the one young lady is confident enough to wear dark bobbie socks with her Mary Janes. Maybe the guy holding his nose is just trying to clear his sinus. Like Felix Unger. George is so intent on his typing that he can barely notice Eve. Standing so close he can smell her Evening in Paris. As for Sally I think the biggest thing on her mind is wondering how she can make some headlines with George.

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