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How Soulless Gingers Stay Cool In Summer

Silly ginger, don’t ruin your supper by eating dessert first!

The RCA Whirlpool fridge is so accessible, crafty gingers easily figure out how to eject ice at the touch of a button. And they’ll have plenty of time to do it, since they are excluded from many extra-curriculars.


Such violence toward gingers! I don’t get it.

15 thoughts on “How Soulless Gingers Stay Cool In Summer”

  1. I have zero opinions on the merits of gingers or the quantity of their souls. It struck me, however, that that is a very well-stocked fridge. My mother used to panic about an over-stuffed fridge preventing the cold air from circulating.

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  2. Doesn’t everyone store their rib roasts uncovered in the fridge. Complete with garnish yet. Ads and TV shows from that period always showed heavily stocked refrigerators filled with all of these leftovers sans any kind of cover. Where’s the Saran wrap and Tupperware? Or at least the re purposed margarine tub.

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