Mabel, If You’re Able, Black Label On The Table


Note the M on Mabel’s daisy dress, a precursor to Laverne’s sweater L.

Though no longer widely distributed in the U.S., Black Label remains the official beer of Beer Frisbee, aka Beersbie–because that’s a thing.

In South Africa, they went in another direction, a decidedly non-Mabel direction. MANLY.

Doesn’t it look HEAVY? That must be the 22 oz mug.

And in Australia, it was even weirder.

10 thoughts on “Mabel, If You’re Able, Black Label On The Table

  1. I remember Black Label ads as a kid. None of them like that one from Australia. It was available back in the 70’s but I don’t remember how it tasted. I remember it was super cheap. A few years back I found some in a liquor store. It was brewed in Canada. It wasn’t too bad as I recall.

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  2. Oh my dog, do I remember Black Label, the preferred libation of Camden New Jersey. Their big competitor was Schlitz, a vile Brew in it’s own right. Go to a cookout back there and state you like Black Label because Schlitz gave you the sh*ts and everyone nodded as if you were a wise Oracle. The third choice was Piels which caused brain damage. Oh, I have some Black Label stories to tell….

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    1. You crack me up. I’d like to hear the stories. I think we have a Schlitz trucker cap, only to be worn ironically, but I don’t know if I ever sipped it.


      1. It was so bad it had its own Limerick Song version. (If not familiar with limerick songs, look up but do so at your own peril.) Of course sung to the tune from”Cielito Limerick.” But your fine blog is far to respectable a venue for me to provide the verses.

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