9 thoughts on “No Room For Milk”

    1. Perhaps his focus is a bit intense. I can’t imagine how excited he’d be to know that cereals now come with bits of dried strawberry or chocolate pieces in them.


  1. That would so not go over today. Why is his tongue hanging out? And those eyes are crossing just a little. Different times, I guess. He is cute and obviously excited.

    But what I would like to talk about (because that is why you blog – to hear what I want to talk about, yes?) is the cereal of course. Post Toasties. I LOVED Post Toasties and was so very sad when I finally figured out they were no longer a thing. Way better than corn flakes. Just way better. Made the sad discovery while blogging in fact (https://deliziousfoodblog.com/2017/03/29/what-the-blat/ ) ((Shameless self-promotion – see what I did there?)) Sorry, this is getting out of hand. I will be try to be a better and more supportive friend in future comments. 😉

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