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Squash King October 20, 2017

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11/48 National Geographic

Seven-year-old Oliver Davis of Carrollton, Texas was still three years too young to enroll in the FFA or the 4-H, but that didn’t stop him from winning 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd prize for best squash at the 1948 Dallas County Fair.


12 Responses to “Squash King”

  1. Benson Says:

    Proud little fella’ missing tooth and all.

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  2. The squash king has no socks. You what kind of socks he needs? Garden hose.

    Snorf, snorf, snorf….out of my gourd.

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  3. What a cute photo. I love his jack-o-lantern smile.

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  4. Condolences on your pet — my thoughts are with you !

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  5. LAMarcom Says:

    When I get home to Texas, I’m gonna buy some bottom land and start a gourd ranch. My dream.

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  6. He looks so happy as he should

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  7. he must be gourd out of his mind by now…

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