Best Seat In The House

by Matthew Brady

It’s August of 1864 at the Potomac headquarters, and Captain Charles Frances Adams, Jr, appears to have the best back support.  He is flanked by officers of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry. The man on the far left is unknown, the man sitting backwards in his chair is  Capt. Edward A. Flint, and the far right is Lt. George H. Teague.

Adams was the great-grandson of United States President John Adams, and the grandson of president John Quincy Adams.  John Quincy Adams was the earliest president to be photographed. Here is a daguerreotype taken by Brady in 1843.

He would die five years later. Isn’t it amazing to see an image of a man born in 1767? After he left office, Adams won a seat in the House of Representatives, becoming one of only two presidents to hold political office after serving in the White House (Andrew Johnson returned to the Senate shortly before he passed). During a passionate debate, Adams suffered a heart attack on the House floor and died a few days later.


7 thoughts on “Best Seat In The House

  1. I read the news when they discovered and authenticated that photo. It is really cool to see a portrait of someone born so long ago. My kids are related to John Adams and John Quincy Adams – not directly but as collateral ancestors.

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  2. Amazing clarity on that JQ Adams photo. And those civil war photos are excellent too. Yes, it makes you wonder where the Republic is today. It seems the struggle for justice and freedom and good government never ceases.

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