Cujo: The Early Years

Dog Land, Chiefland, Florida: Natl Geo 10/64

“Dog Land” was actually a thing. I’d pay money to go play with dogs.

For more information about Dog Land, click here. Will Shetterly is the son of Dog Land’s owners, and he even wrote a novel based on it.



      • I know. Sometimes I wish I could just go give money to the pound so I could play with the dogs for an hour. We can’t adopt any more from the pound now but I would pay to have Cujo pull me in a cart. And I think it would be interesting for people to go see all the different breeds of dogs, as long as they were all being taken care of well.


  1. I would support Dog Land. In Indy there is a cafe that has a special room that allows folks to sit among a passel of cats. All cats are up for adoption. If you get tired of felines you can grab a coffee and pastries. The one time I went all of the patrons looked as though they were in search of a “safe place”. The cats didn’t seem to mind.

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