I Scream Floats

I guess this made sense in 1950, but nowadays, folks would be up in arms against people in arms. And surely that woman only appears nude, bracing herself against an outhouse? I don’t get it.

Remember clotheslines?

One who attends the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

The term tea-sip was started by students of Texas A&M University (aka Aggies) in the early 1900’s to belittle the well-to-do students of U.T.  The University of Texas was traditionally the “rich” school which pumped out doctors, lawyers and the like. A&M was the blue collar school which traditionally taught Agriculture and Mechanics.

  • The Aggies play the teasips on Thanksgiving day.
  • I’m sick of all those hippy teasips in Austin.

Sure looks like they had a whale of a good time. (I had to do it.)

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