His Heart Is Made Of Knotty Pine

Natl Geo Dec '49
Natl Geo Dec ’49

Wooden Indian White Horse sits on the lap of his carver creator, Andy Anderson, wearing a horse-tail wig and entertaining visitors to Tesuque, New Mexico in 1949.

During his work as a cowpoke, Andy wrote, “One day a cowboy rode in from Wyoming, who was the homeliest man I had ever laid eyes on. All the rest of that day I could see him in my mind and thought, ‘What a good character he would make for a wood carving!’ He was my first model, and this was my first attempt at carving a likeness of anyone. The figure of this old weather-beaten cowpoke turned out real good (much to my surprise) and from then on I started carving characters.”

Shotgun Wedding from iCollector.com
Shotgun Wedding from iCollector.com


  1. What talent that man had. The “Shotgun Wedding” made me chuckle. Such expressions. On a side not the more I see of your header picture the more I am intrigued. It has so much going on in it. It seems to be from a stage presentation. Whether it is actually a scene or the cast fooling around I have no idea. Regardless the young Errol Flynn sure looks all serious and en garde’.

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