Don Your Kotex For Hobo Hikes



Does this 1954 ad make ANY sense to you? Pretending to be homeless must have been a gas, gas, gas. Sulphur and molasses was actually considered a spring tonic back in the day, though it sounds wretched. Shreds and patches is how Hamlet referred to his uncle, so this has got me vexed. I guess I’m not in the know.

And the rest of it? I suppose that was young peep’s slang. What woman of childbearing age would want to be accused of being a “mope-at-home” or “social sluggard”? Certainly not me! Slap a Kotex on and get to hobo hiking.

9 thoughts on “Don Your Kotex For Hobo Hikes”

  1. This advertisement is hilarious! It is so very wrong on so many levels. Mimicking hobo culture for japes? What the heck? And, ladies, please don’t let your unmentionable state prevent you from joining in any of the hobo fun. Slap a kotex on before you can be accused of being a mope. Wow. What an interesting snapshot of the times these adverts are.

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  2. Gotta love old adverts like this. Cool shout-out to the Jughead-style cap on the fellow on the top right — only ever seen that in the Archie comics and didn’t know those were actually a thing.

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