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Basking In The Sun September 14, 2016

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LIFE 11/11/46

LIFE 11/11/46


Just over a year after Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces, signifying the end of WWII, much of Germany lay devastated. Potsdam Square, the Times Square of Berlin, was ashes. One of the few places left undestroyed was the Cafe Wien, jammed with Germans of all ages, drinking what LIFE described as “weak drinks, which are all the cafe can offer.” This fashionable lady, sitting on the once-fashionable avenue of Kurfürstendamm, doesn’t seem to mind.


16 Responses to “Basking In The Sun”

  1. Hey Kerbey, see u after long days. …nice blog

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  2. I wonder if people cling to little luxuries in times like those. Or perhaps she was having a moment to herself pretending life was like it had been before the war. We all find coping strategies to get us through the day at times.

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  3. Benson Says:

    I wonder what all those people did during the War? They have some spiffy shades.

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  4. Benson Says:

    I tried it. Now it’s my turn. I Don’t Get It.

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  5. Liz Says:

    great gams she’s got!

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  6. Now that’s the money shot. What a look of bliss.

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  7. Paul Says:

    very attractive

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