4 thoughts on “Letters To Jefferson, Part II

  1. Brrrr! when he said the tracers were hitting his ship that meant the bullets were as well. Imagine being thousands of feet above the ground sharing your plane with thousands of pounds of bombs while bullets passed through the plane. Those young guys took that for granted – it was the way they lived/. It is amazing any ever returned Some of the stories of the damaged planes that made it back were incredible. Some could never fly again..\

    Awesome post Kerbey. The way the young guy is so matter of fact about his trip and the bullets,etc, was extraordinary.

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    1. Yes, it’s hard not to feel it. Such unbearable weight on the shoulders of men in their 20s, and to think some were 18, 19 years old. Yikes.


  2. Another remarkable letter “keeping it real”. When I read this and then think about some “kids” bitching about “triggers” and “safe spaces” I get both angry and ill. What a marvelous find.

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