Paper Drive For Victory (A Bad Time To Be A Hoarder)

1945 Monticello
1945 Monticello

Save and Sacrifice

Save ScrapA large part of the war propaganda effort, demanded sacrifice in terms of daily activities – saving left over waste fats for use in explosives, saving tin cans for metal to be recycled into military material, eating leftovers, recycling paper, growing vegetables and canning them for later home use, saving gasoline by driving cars slower and less often. The national speed limit was lowered to 35 mph! … All Americans needed to share in the burdens of shortages equally. Not to share in sacrifices for Victory was an unpatriotic act, and often was reported. (

Families collected scrap metal.

Even stars like Rita Hayworth lended their support!

4 thoughts on “Paper Drive For Victory (A Bad Time To Be A Hoarder)

  1. Yep, I’d heard about that from my Grandma. Sigh. You know, personal sacrifice as in times of war, make for an incredibly strong economy. I wish it didn’t take a war for people to look out for others.

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  2. The little girls with the tams were cute little bugs weren’t they. We had paper drives at my Grade School to raise money even in the 50’s. That wasn’t for defense that was to pay for school projects. Always wondered what the recycled paper was used for. To make more paper?

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