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Spring Is Here: Let Us Feed Deer From Cups March 30, 2016

Filed under: 1960s,Fun,Nature,Nostalgia,Photography,Pics,Vintage — kerbey @ 11:19 am
Mirage 1969

Mirage 1969


8 Responses to “Spring Is Here: Let Us Feed Deer From Cups”

  1. Benson Says:

    I have read where that is frowned upon. Feeding wild animals. They become used to it and become less able to feed themselves. Curious concept.

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  2. Paul Says:

    Outside of Ottawa there is a farm called Bearbrook. They have deer, impalas, springbok, etc and you can feed them all. The neat part is that they also have a store where you can buy frozen exotic specialty meat from springbok to rattle snake and everything in between. They also have a restaurant that serves all these specialties. The joke is that you can take your kids to feed the deer and then go to the restaurant and they can eat it. Ha! True story.

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    • kerbey Says:

      Springbok? That is a silly word. I guess your concept is like at the beach (re: fish) where they say, “You catch it, we cook it.” So you feed the deer, we grill it. Yikes!

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      • Paul Says:

        See? End of welfare! 😀

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      • Dave Says:

        Someday we’ll make good on that “Blog of Funny Bird, Fish and Animal Names” idea, and Springbok will definitely belong, as well as Dik Dik, Mongoose, Marmoset, and pretty much any obscure animal name. They’re all so good.

        None quite as good as when Arto dressed up as a birdwatcher for his wife’s “Environment” themed party, and came armed with a guidebook of awesome bird names he’d found, like “Chaco Chachalaca”, “Somber Tit” and “Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker.”

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  3. Dave Says:

    I really don’t have enough deer experience. Are deer normally that docile and willing to eat out of cups held by humans? Maybe they’re special deer. I remember at Stanley Park in the Vancouver area, there were birds who were so accustomed to humans that they’d eat birdseed out of your hand, and I think I even got one to eat birdseed from the brim of my baseball cap when it was on my head.

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    • kerbey Says:

      In my experience, deer are skittish and take off immediately. There are a few who have stood frozen as I passed by, but never actually came up to me.


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