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Could I Hate This Dance For The Rest Of My Life?


Evidently the 1949 Sophomore Hop was not as hopping as she hoped. Reminds me of Community‘s Aubrey Plaza and her sneer.


The Senior Ball held in April also lacked its share of fans. Note folded arms and glare.


Whoever held the stage that night proved unsuccessful in entertaining the crowd. You’d think they’d just announced WWIII.


Maybe those gals should have stayed home and listened to Jo Stafford records. These smiles speak volumes.


9 thoughts on “Could I Hate This Dance For The Rest Of My Life?”

  1. Just one more occasion when a time machine would really be nice. Go back and see what could possibly make those girls sneer to the point of scowl on what should be an event to celebrate and laugh. Heck no body seems to be having a good time.

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