Radiators Are Your Friends

Science for Work and Play by Schneider 1954
Science for Work and Play by Schneider 1954




  1. Radiators always remind me of an old apartment in Chicago I stayed in;years ago; that had an old boiler system. Air was perpetually trapped in the system so in addition to heat everyone got a recital of clanks that sounded quite a bit like steel drum Island music. It grew on you after a while.

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    • Oh, I think I’d go crazy. As years have passed, I’ve never gotten “used to” dogs barking, trains going by, thumping bass. Ear plugs are my friends. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN a radiator. I would worry they are fire hazards, aside from the clanking. Did you hang clothes on it?

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      • They were great for drying socks and gloves and scarves. Nothing like putting on hot socks on a winter day. As far as the noise it wasn’t constant. Probably 20 minutes a day. Around midnight for a few and at day break. I sort of missed it when I left.

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