6 thoughts on “Radiators Are Your Friends”

  1. Radiators always remind me of an old apartment in Chicago I stayed in;years ago; that had an old boiler system. Air was perpetually trapped in the system so in addition to heat everyone got a recital of clanks that sounded quite a bit like steel drum Island music. It grew on you after a while.

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    1. Oh, I think I’d go crazy. As years have passed, I’ve never gotten “used to” dogs barking, trains going by, thumping bass. Ear plugs are my friends. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN a radiator. I would worry they are fire hazards, aside from the clanking. Did you hang clothes on it?

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      1. They were great for drying socks and gloves and scarves. Nothing like putting on hot socks on a winter day. As far as the noise it wasn’t constant. Probably 20 minutes a day. Around midnight for a few and at day break. I sort of missed it when I left.

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