Staying On Trend

Houston Chronicle 1955
Houston Chronicle 1955

If I had a household budget, I would totally hold it up in the air like that and really give my armpits a breather. It’s good for the deltoids, too. She is literally balancing the budget. How else would she maintain a 22″ waist?



  1. I know cheap dish soap always helps me to balance my budget. If you got 2 bottles or 2 boxes at one low price did you have to use twice as much? It always seem that way to me. No matter she certainly is staying in shape.

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    • I bet you did have to use twice as much. We stayed at a Homeaway home last month, and their toilet paper was so transparent, I had to pull three feet of it just to equal two SQUARES of Charmin. If they would just buy the better paper, people wouldn’t be going through their awful paper.

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  2. Gotta love a good budget stretcher. I feel like there’s a constant balance between finding ways to increase income, and finding ways to reduce expenses. Both are meaningful.

    As for her 22 inch waist, I agree it’s all about the budget book holding. Because that’s how the body works… you hold up a budget book, and your hip structure and internal organs change. If you ever want to make me feel miserable for not paying attention in medical school, feel free to use that last sentence against me, haha.

    22 inch waist (on a person that isn’t tiny in every other aspect) is extremely maladaptive for physiology!

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    • I would agree that it is maladaptive. But I saw a snippet of “Family Feud” yesterday while cooking (the dumb man’s Jeopardy) and the question asked was what do men believe is the ideal waist size on a woman? And the two women in the final round guessed 32 and then 34. The answer was 24!! 24! As if.
      If I could hold up a book to make my hip structure change, that would be amazing. I bet my arms would tire before the minute mark.

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      • Family Feud is hilarious (it especially was during the Richard Dawson days… Rob and I loved those reruns) but I agree, pretty dumb. Those answers aren’t arrived at through any scientific means… they just go and poll folks on the street or online and pay attention to which answers are most common. My guess is the men they polled for that question don’t know what a 24-inch waist looks like, or they said 24 because that’s the highest number they could count to.

        My feeling is men aren’t all that picky. Men are attracted to women of all shapes and sizes, and even if they have their preferences, they’re grateful when a lady is interested and wants to spend some time with them.

        Oh Family Feud… What a funny show. I can see why it’s still popular. Entertaining for the personalities, if not for the enlightening dialogue. Oh well, back to Cardio.

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      • I think you’re right about all of this. I think they didn’t know what 24 meant. My husband saw it WITH ME and remembers it as the “dress size” men would prefer. And a dress size of 24 is very large, so no accuracy in the recall. In my case, I have fallen in love with a 135 lb man as well as a 225 lb over the years, so there you go LOL! Survey says: it’s the heart that matters. And in your case, literally the heart. Cardio. See what I did there?

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      • Yes, and it was splendid! Good vibes to carry with me through a morning of learning about the many consequences of myocardial ischemia (low oxygen to the heart, which reduces pumping power). Woohoo! Thanks for the pun!

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  3. I think this dress is very attractive for going out dancing but much too sexy for the average housewife of the 50’s. The pink and purple almost makes me think of a Cinderella gown.
    I found a car cleaning product (out in the Advance Auto warehouse I work in) and took it into show my female boss. We started laughing. It has a white bottle with blue lettering and a lady with a 36-24-36 figure in a blue dress and white apron! Still being sold today. Hmmmm.

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