Costume Ideas From Days Of Yore, Part III

I love the expressions on these college kids.

UT 1949
UT 1949
Univ of Colorado 1955
Univ of Colorado 1955

This party’s theme appears to be tropical.

Sooners 1964
Sooners 1964

Granted, Faith Hill wasn’t born yet, but she sure looks kin to that lady on the right.

Fat chance you’ll get crowned Mr. or Miss Howdy, but no harm in trying. Coyote52-howdyCoyote52-howdy2

Tarzan, a funny pages vampire (?), and a big-forearmed Popeye


Wonder Twin powers: activate! Form of: Shelly and Wendy!

Rice 1989
Rice 1989

And this next one? Well, I sure hope it was Halloween. Otherwise, there’s too much estrogen in his chicken nuggets.

Aggies 1990
Aggies 1990

11 thoughts on “Costume Ideas From Days Of Yore, Part III

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      1. Ah yes, “The Way We Were” but that was 1973, young’un. Here are the top songs from 1964:
        1. I Want to Hold Your Hand, The Beatles
        2. She Loves You, The Beatles
        3. Hello, Dolly!, Louis Armstrong
        4. Oh, Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison
        5. I Get Around, The Beach Boys

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      2. When I remember anything, I have the lyrics to “The Way We Were” in my head. Those legit songs are too happy for looking back and being nostalgic. Maybe “Yesterday,” which also wasn’t out. Or “Dust In The Wind”–still 70s. Dang, the mid 60s were too upbeat to be down.


  1. That last picture baffles me beyond belief. Male pattern baldness is related to elevated testosterone levels. And let’s just say that his gynecomastia has a lot to do with the chicken nuggets you described.

    So baffling!

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      1. You will have to tell us overall which gender lucked out the most, as far as medically. I’m trying to figure out if most old men I know are happier than most old women.


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