Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

LIfe Aug 15, 1949
Life Aug 15, 1949

So what we got here is a nearly nekkid Indian gymnast, being supervised by the urban turbaned S.S. Dhanorkar. He’s performing a yoga move called “cane mallakhamb,” wherein the subject is lowered in a sling of malacca cane, preferably in front of another nearly nekkid squatting man. It sure puts downward dog into perspective. And mostly reminds me of this:




  1. I have had a busy and emotional month, Kerbey. I posted and read random posts but it was a hit or miss thing. My Mom broke her hip and had surgery up in Cleveland where my 2 brothers live while 2 1/2 hours away my son’s wife had a baby boy. I basically used 6 sick time days going to help family members. All are doing better, especially me! catching up on my sleep. 🙂

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