Three More Days

School starts Monday around these parts. The schedules have been mailed, the teachers assigned. And when the bank teller this morning asked my son if he was excited about school, he glared, then dropped his head, a wavy lock of hair falling forward in defeat. It was enough to make him forget the crisp Grant in his hand. Excited? No, ma’am.

But what if he gets the top locker? That’s something to get excited about, right?


Or he might get that one “cool teacher.”


Perhaps he can enjoy the responsibility and comraderie of flag-raising.


And if nothing else, he can stand around while girls read in the library. The elation cannot be disguised on these boys’ faces!


10 thoughts on “Three More Days

  1. Ha! Love the looks on the guys faces listening to the girls read. And to a soul;, the girls are ecstatic – some looked like they swallowed the canary, Ha! Great pictures Kerbey – and my condolences to your son. Ha! Tell him for me that we all did it so just suck it up butter cup – ya wanna be a man, ya goes ta schol. ha!

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