11 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner”

  1. Blast from the past – so very real Kerbey. The kids without shirts eating separate from the adults – because you know they are just there for as short a time as they can get away with, then it’s back outside to play. And the checker linoleum in the kitchen/dining room. The great big kitchen that can feed at least 14-16 people at the “kitchen” table. The flowered wallpaper on the back wall; the brass legged chairs and back supports; The oval mirror that reflects the kitchen; the short male haircuts high on the neck; the swag lamps hanging from the chain with a retractor ball so the light can be moved up and down; the screen door leading right into the kitchen (this was likely taken in warmer climates as colder areas usually have an entry to prevent heat loss in winter); the sun darkened faces and necks.

    Love it Kerbey – like a Norman Rockwell painting. D

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