20 thoughts on “Good Riddens To A Zither

  1. Have you seen Carol Reed’s 1949 The Third Man with Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten? With Zither music performed by Anton Karas. (I think I have the correct spelling.) It’s a fabulous film! ~Theadora

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      1. Amazing to see him play it. What an odd vibrating sound. It sounds it would fit in scene with a Mexican man in a sombrero walking a donkey, or perhaps a cowboy entering a saloon. I’d never heard this before. Thanks!


  2. The zither does look rather well ridden, Kerbey, though I think its riddance is worth more than a scarf. Perhaps it was perpeptually out of tune. Or it was an extremely cold winter in Berlin. I agree with you, his trademark hat had to stay.

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