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Could I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life?

Oklahoma A&M 1947
KU 1947
1941 Arkansas Tech, Life
1941 Arkansas Tech, Life
1940 Monticello
1940 Jefferson High School

22 thoughts on “Could I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life?”

  1. Let’s see. Ok. had a lot of sailors dancing. KU had a lot of sweaters swaying. Pre- war Arkansas did its part for the Army and the Jefferson High School was all about the Blue Man Group.

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    1. I applaud your correction of the plural and possessive. I learned a few years ago that the only folks who get the possessive (sans s) after their “s”-ending names are Jesus and Moses. Like Moses’ cane. But not Niles. It would be Niles’s cane. I’m wasting your time now.

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      1. Yay, Diana. Me, too. When MDW Karen and I went someplace early in our living-with stage and I started with my moves in public she declared, “Hey, you’re dancing just like you do in our living room!” To which I declared, “How did you expect me to dance?!” I only have The Happy Dance, you see. 🙂 Oh, wait, there is The Lawn Mower. And I do know The Chicken Dance, too … Nevermind, Diana. I have a few moves up my sleeve, I guess. ❤


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