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We’re Goin’ Hoppin’ April 3, 2015

Filed under: 1950s,Culture,Fun,High School,History,Nostalgia,Photography,Vintage — kerbey @ 9:44 am
1952 El Rancho Yearbook

1952 El Rancho Yearbook


12 Responses to “We’re Goin’ Hoppin’”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great photo – the ubiquitous Coke machine and jukebox in the background.

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  2. reocochran Says:

    My Mom and I used to do the Bunny Hop at weddings while my Dad and brothers would ‘sit the dance out!’ I love ‘sock hops’ and the fun we used to have imitating the fifties!

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  3. Her shoes – the dark ones – look remarkably modern in style.

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  4. Benson Says:

    Great pic. Coke machine, juke and 2 girls dancing. That is as good as it gets. Let’s go to the hop.

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  5. Some girls really admired the way she could dance in orthopedic shoes.

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  6. markbialczak Says:

    Notice how dancer to the right is stepping on the toes of dancer on the left, Kerbey.

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