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Starfish Claw Photobombs Couple On Thrilling First Date April 3, 2015

Filed under: 1950s,Fun,Funny,History,Humor,Nostalgia,Photography,Vintage — kerbey @ 4:23 pm



7 Responses to “Starfish Claw Photobombs Couple On Thrilling First Date”

  1. Benson Says:

    Well. I have had a few dates like that, but I didn’t just slump over I took the lady home. And what is up with that claw in the back ground? Silly kids.

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  2. The Claw was a 1927 movie that by all accounts was pretty bad. Maybe this was an homage by the film maker’s son. Or not.


    • kerbey Says:

      I zoomed in and read his palms bc I am a stay-at-home palm reader, and it looks like this was actually his step-son paying homage. Through his third message. But that’s being legalistic, so you’re basically right.


  3. I can’t get no … satisfaction … I can’t get no… satisfaction …. .

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  4. Paul Says:

    Benson beat me to it – I too have had dates like that.

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  5. markbialczak Says:

    Let me stir that drink for you, my dear. Your date has no interest in you any longer. Weirdness all around, Kerbey.

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