Nope, Still Feels Like Winter




  1. I must wonder what these ladies had in mind when they posed for this shot. Were they three crazy coeds walking barefoot in a creek? Or were they just working up the nerve to go a full streak mode? And why are the three dressed so differently? Two are casual athletic and one is Lauren Bacall vamp. Strangely compelling picture.

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    • Yes, it looks like one is dressed for the ravages of summer and one is dressed for Thanksgiving. At least the one in shorts could go in up to her knees and not get wet, although it can’t be warm.

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  2. Ha! testing the waters – literally. I had an employee once from Scotland and he wore shorts in Canada while working outside until december and then had them back on in March. Mind you he had a metabolism like a runaway nuclear reactor – he ate more than anyone i have ever known and was stick thin. he moved constantly and ran most of the time. the steam would literally roll off him as he shunted trailers in the snow wearing shorts and a T shirt. Often the sense of temperature is a function of individual traits. Good luck to the ladies.

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      • He never got cold enough with his circulation to get frost bite. The flip side of this though is that he would not be able to go long periods without food and water – he would die very quickly if stranded without those,

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