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Hill Country Football

Schreiner Institute 1920s
Schreiner Institute 1920s

9 thoughts on “Hill Country Football”

    1. LOL that university is in Kerrville, near San Antonio, where Pee Wee visited the Alamo. Still hill country area. I’m glad Austin doesn’t have alps. I don’t care for mountains. Too cold! But those hills are as close as we get!


  1. It struck me the same way as Benson- a pile of cars for the 20’s. Quite possibly it was a game for rich folks – it certainly attracted a lot of rich folks – the only ones who could afford cars in those days.

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  2. They were there for the night game portion of the festivities. Pull the cars around the field and turn on the headlights. Even then, Texans were serious about their football and their oil-eatin’ automobiles, Kerbey. 🙂 Awesome mash-up here.

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