16 thoughts on “Sectaries In Demand

      1. We’re a dying breed. But I still use it occasionally to take notes if someone is speaking faster than I can write.

        If you want to see a full sentence written in shorthand, with translation, check out the BoFN post on Ethel Merman.

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  1. My first thought was, “can you even imagine their conversation?” but now I see that Fannie actually can. Wow. To me it looks like she is saying, “Lesson 10. Ah leu, ah oooo. Ah euw beu.” And of course, “became mistaken.” I totally caught that.

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  2. Too funny Kerbey. i actually looked up the word and it is real – and i wasn’t aware it was. It means – a member of a religious organization. If I were searching for a learning institution, i’d likely pick another one in case they had had anything to do with the headline. Or I would ay least suggest that the article write take a few classes.

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  3. I wish I would have bucked the tide and taken shorthand in high school, Kerbey. And Fannie. It would have paid off so handsomely during the notetaking portions of my journalism career. And, FYI Liz and Benson, I wish I would have taken home economics, too, so I would have learned my way around more advanced cooking techniques. Shop classes were all a big bust for for me anyway. Sorry, Paul.

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