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Celebrate Good Times, Come On


Can you remember the last time you felt this overjoyed? This elated? I can’t. What on earth at this stage of your life could make you literally jump for joy and raise your hands in the air? Two points in basketball? Gas for $1.65? That’s what I filled up for this morning, peeps. Raise the roof on that one.



13 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times, Come On”

  1. Now that’s a pep rally, Kerbey. I think the principal just announced that school was canceled the next day.

    By the way, did you catch the flip side of the gas-price story? The Saudis are lowering the prices on purpose to put our American refineries out of business and then they’ll jack ‘er up twice as high after the layoffs put our economy back on the skids. No foolin’. Don’t jump so high quite yet.

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    1. Oh, that won’t affect me in any way. Texas has zero refineries, so it couldn’t possibly affect the population. And I’m sure those Saudis wouldn’t want to harm America. That’s not a good way to start 2015. Okay, Mark. No jumping. Sad again.


      1. Well, I love the low gas prices, too, Kerbey, but I’m watching the nightly news and they tell me this stuff and I say c’mon, really? Can’t anything have an upside these days? Dagnabbit.

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  2. Oh surely you remember how important everything was when you were younger, don’t you. A basketball victory could make your night. It can be the same now. Hit any sport book in Vegas at the end of a college Basket ball game, and watch the folks. And Mark shame on the buzz kill.

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    1. Yes, THEN but not now. I recall being at a lake and my 13 yr old best friend and I saw a cute boy and how AMAZING and exciting it was to go TOUCH his car as we left later that day. Like that was the be all, end all. Gave us shivers just to touch it.

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    1. Man, that blows. But then again, you guys probably make more than $8-10/hr like lots of people here. Your house must be worth a million just to be there, huh?


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