Filet-O-Fish Photobomb

Missour River catfish caught near Leavenworth, brought to Dustin Brothers Fish Market on Shawnee Street
Missouri River catfish near Leavenworth, lying on its side for all the free world to see at Dustin Brothers Fish Market in 1869 (source: “The West: An American Experience” by David R. Phillips)


16 thoughts on “Filet-O-Fish Photobomb

  1. Now that is one heck of a cat. Back in my first life we had a place on a lake and I used to drift along in a little boat with my boys,drowning worms. Caught several channel cats. Always threw them back. Liked catching cats,not cleaning them.

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      1. “Well, roll just about anything in corn meal and fry it, and I’m happy.” – that’s about the most Texan thing I’ve ever heard from you!

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  2. That’s the perfect market to shop when you need 50 pounds of catfish. Yikes! I don’t suppose you could have walked up to that dude and said ‘Can I have that baby fried up in some cornmeal on a bun with mayo,” Kerbey?

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    1. I’m sorry, Paul. It almost sounded like you said you never had catfish. That can’t be right.

      Well, it is a “bottom feeder,” so there are muddy, fishy tasting catfish at bad restaurants. But there is also wonderful white, just right, catfish filets (you get small, med or large plates, which is 5, 7, or 9 filets) and they come with beans and cole slaw and hushpuppies. Lots of places have Friday all-you-can-eat catfish buffet, so you can have corn on the cob and potato salad, etc.

      Five perfectly crunchy corn meal fried catfish with squeezes of lemon and some tartar sauce and cocktail sauce for dipping–just heavenly!!


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