Jeanie With The Flaming Red Hair


Oh, college students do love to have a “cause.” Why would they be giddily high-fiving in the midst of a bonfire? Here’s the explanation.


Fortunately for them, the Japanese dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbor a few months later, and they were sent off to war instead of this foolishness.



  1. We seem to judge the importance of actions and concerns based on the limits if our knowledge and understanding and context. So on a daily commute a flat tire will sour a day. But if you happen to be being transported to your execution, then a flat tire can be seen as a gift from God. Same flat tire same place same vehicle. Somewhat different interpretations. I was having a beer on the front porch with a colleague when a local female teen dropped by to visit his younger brother. She regailed us with how bad her day was and how terrible it was that she nicked her leg while shaving. She termed it the worst day of her life. My colleague and I started to laugh and mentioned that if that was her worst day so far, she had a big surprise coming.

    The only thing I can say about the college students above is that their demonstration says clearly that they have been raised in a protected, sheltered, “me” environment. Which i suppose maens they were at least kept safe, if not taught about the mor eimportant concepts in life.

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    • Yes, the drama of a nicked leg. I suppose you are right about that flat tire. That reminds me of the cartoon I just saw where a criminal is given his last meal and he asks for Coke and they ask if Pepsi is okay. Poor thing.

      It’s easy to fight battles when you are young and energetic. I barely have the patience to light a candle, much less keep a fire going and chopping radios with axes.


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