Sunday Best

I nearly always post pictures from my own collection, but this picture from Shorpy was too good not to share. Shorpy has amazingly high resolution images that blow my mind. Do yourself a favor and let this one fill up your entire monitor. You can jump inside the prints on their clothes.

"Howard & Rena, April 1952." Visiting Claude's farm somewhere in Minnesota, affording us our third look at these colorful Kodachromes.
“Howard & Rena, April 1952.” Visiting Claude’s farm somewhere in Minnesota, affording us our third look at these colorful Kodachromes.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. They are amazing photos, Kerbey.

    And Kodachrome went away because companies are always are looking for something that is kind-of as good that costs them 1/1000th to produce that they can charge one/half to buy.

    That’s my theory, anyway.

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  2. I used to date a woman who looked like her, except my lady friend dressed a bit differently.

    The reason that I heard Kodachrome went away was because people were buying digital cameras.


    1. That would be my first thought, too. Why can’t they make a Kodachrome look to digital? All the kids use those filters on their Instagram shots. I don’t want to add anything to make my picture fake. I don’t like them edited. But the Kodachrome made them pop.

      She certainly has a nice hat and clever eyes.


      1. I play around with some of the pictures that I take, but I never felt the need to do that with Kodachrome. I wonder if a letter writing campaign would change Kodak’s mind. I wonder if anyone remembers how to write a real letter.

        Clever eyes. Yes! That is what I found so memorable. That and her cheekbones.

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    1. But her hat spiral up into the sky like a rocket, the very embodiment of hope for the space program that would one day send a man to the moon and then never again.


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