13 thoughts on “Five Too Many”

  1. Many years ago a bunch of guys sitting around in a dorm room BS’ing was called a bore-ass. I guess that’s what these guys are doing. I don’t remember all in one bed though. Must be a small room. I hope that is a sturdy bed, as they surely are exceeding the weight limit.


  2. Next thing you know they’ll be stuffing hard-boiled eggs into their mouths and shouting “What we have here is failure to communicate,” pretending to be Paul Newman and George Kennedy in “Cool Hand Luke.” Which happens to be one damn cool movie from the ’60s, right, Benson?

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      1. He did, Kerbey! Three days in the box, as I recall it. My dad and I went to see that at the movie theater together when I was way too young, but he didn’t care, and I watch it on TV every time I click through and see it and remember that.


    1. I’m not Benson, Mark, but I fully concur that Cool Hand Luke was a damn cool movie. I didn’t see it in the ’60s, but a few years back on a huge screen in a park. Egg scene was awesome.

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    2. Never saw it (well at least not more than twelve times. Benson??)
      Never saw “Hud”.
      Never saw “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
      Never saw “Sometimes A Great Notion”
      Never saw “Butch Cassidy et al”
      Never saw… “Somebody Up There Likes Me”
      Never saw.. “The Sting”
      Never shut up…
      Saw that one…. Yep.


  3. good gosh, wha’? Guy on far left–what is he holding? He certainly doesn’t need binoculars to see the guy at the other end. And is that a hair piece of some sort on the headboard? The guy in the middle must be crazy uncomfortable. And what the heck are they doing with their feet?


    1. These are all good questions. Why the vests and ties? He certainly doesn’t need binoculars, no. Maybe that’s an errant sock on the headboard. The guy smooshed in the corner looks uncomfy, too. I don’t even intertwine my legs like that with my betrothed.


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